Use cases

Mobility solution

The overall Mobility solution consists of Mobility cloud and Mobility app platforms.

The cloud platform is essentially a Workflow engine that can be configured for virtually any Mobile workforce process flow. Using Smart template technology, the process steps are configured to the Field engineers as process specific applications on their Mobile devices (Android or IOS phones and tablets).

External systems, such as Network and Project planning tools can be used to import plans to the Mobility cloud platform. Equally various Operations and/or Monitoring systems can generate incident reports to the Workflow engine to trigger actions to the field.

Once the actions have been dispatched to the field and the work completed by the Field engineer, the results are transferred back to the Mobility cloud platform for further processing, e.g. approvals. Advanced analytics can be used to sort through the data to monitor business process performance metrics and other information collected from the field through the Mobility app.

The Mobility solution is suitable for different parts of the Telecom value chain, namely Telecom Service Providers, Telecom Equipment Vendors, Tower Companies and Telecom Services Companies. The solution can easily be adapted to other Project and Industrial services companies, e.g. in Power, Construction and other sectors.


ModulErp solution

ModulErp is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution for Small-Medium Enterprises. Delivered via the cloud and enhanced by MobilErp mobile app (see above Mobility app) and Analytics capability.

ModulErp has been deployed to a number of industries as follows

  • – Electronics
  • – Plastics
  • – Metals
  • – Product assembly
  • – Engineering
  • – Import and wholesale companies.
Services company

The Mobility cloud platform is an extremely flexible tool to implement Digital Service Processes. It is very fast to implement a new workflow for a new project or customer.

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Mobile network rollout

Our Mobility cloud platform has been extensively used for network rollout of over 100 operator networks in over 30 countries world wide. The application covers all rollout process phases: site acquisition, technical site surveys, rollout material management, build phase and site quality checks.

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Site dismantling and removal

Telecom network life-cycle management includes retirement of old technologies, e.g., due to technology swap projects or dismantling overlapping networks after mergers. We have configured into our Mobility cloud platform also equipment removal and reverse logistics processes.

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Multi-vendor spare parts management

Today’s telecom network always contains equipment from multiple vendors, e.g. Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Juniper, etc. Telecom service providers, or Managed services providers on their behalf, need capabilities to manage spare parts inventories, repairs and logistics processes for all relevant vendors.

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