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Site dismantling and removal


Telecom network life-cycle management includes retirement of old technologies. Typical situations where dismantling or removal services are required are when

  • – Old network technologies are taken out of use
  • – Technology is upgraded to support new technologies
  • – Equipment vendors are swapped out
  • – Overlapping networks streamlined following Service Provider mergers.

During dismantling it is critical for the Service Provider to record what equipment is removed from the network, manage the reverse logistics back to warehouse and ensure that financial platforms are updated correctly. The removed equipment can be scrapped, used as spare parts or resold to other Service Providers.

From the point of view of Service Companies and Field Engineers, this is just another type of project to manage.

Solution highlights

We have configured into our Catalyst365 cloud platform a complete set of processes for Network dismantling, i.e.

  • – Removal of installed equipment
  • – Recording material codes for logistics
  • – Reverse logistics back to warehouse
  • – Reporting to financial platforms.

In many ways this is a variant of the network rollout process, in reverse order. The dismantling process ensures the tracking of the dismantled equipment during the entire retirement process.

Solution wizards guide the field engineers to collect, handle and report retired units in a consistent way. The solution ensures that units are not ending up in unplanned usage and minimizes the risk that financial platforms would not reflect reality after the project is completed.


The dismantling process ensures the tracking of the dismantled equipment is handled during transport. The removed equipment needs to be managed in financial platforms correctly. This makes it possible to scrap, use for spare parts or resell the equipment and maximize the value of the removed equipment.

The complex site dismantling process needs be documented for the field engineers via our smart templates. They know exactly what steps to take and what information to record about dismantled equipment.

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