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Services companies are the real work horses of many industries. For example, in telecoms most of the field work is not handled by the Service Providers or Equipment Vendors, it is handled by Services companies. Depending on the skill sets available, each Services company may address multiple vertical sectors, e.g. Telecoms, Power distribution and Industrial services.

Success for Services companies depends on many factors, some of which are highlighted below

  • – High utilization of resources
  • – Executing only contracted scope
  • – Ability to claim or charge extra for non-scope activities
  • – Ability to get fast acceptances for completed tasks
  • – Fast invoicing.

Solution highlights

The Catalyst365 cloud platform is an extremely flexible tool to implement Digital Service Processes. A new Service company and its workflows can be setup in the cloud in a few days and best case within a week a new end-to-end Service process can be implemented.

The solution setup needs

  • – Setup of a new project in the cloud
  • – Definition of the wanted service workflow
  • – Defining users for the product (cloud and mobile app users)
  • – Fine tuning required reporting for the Service workflow
  • – Implementation of possible integrations.

The tool can be adapted to virtually any Service process in a very short time frame. Potential use cases could be

  • – Self dispatching subcontracted work assignments to follow progress of own resources
  • – Various inspection processes to define starting point of new project
  • – Verification and quality assurance of someone else’s work results
  • – Site asset audit to build site data inventory for client or own use
  • – Health and safety procedures, certificates, entry to site, investigation
  • – …


The benefits of moving Service processes to digital forms are many. The key is to achieve transparency of the mobile workforce and what they do during the day, just like what is the norm already inside a factory.

A digital service process delivers

  • – Standardised service execution process
  • – Fast and up-to-date progress reporting
  • – Simplifies reporting
  • – Provides documentation for proof of delivery
  • – Links the customer to the acceptance process digitally
  • – Speeds up invoicing (and cash collection).

For the Service engineer, life becomes simple as they use a simple app to

  • – Report to work (and leave work)
  • – Receive instructions where to go and when
  • – Have access to work instructions
  • – Report work progress as they do the work.
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