Use cases

Catalyst365 solution

The Catalyst365 solution is a complete Mobile Workforce and Asset Management package with an embedded, full fledged ERP stack. We can handle core business processes, such as service delivery, manufacturing and/or warehouse operations, combined with the related financial transactions both for sales and purchasing side (Order-to-cash).

During our tenure of over 3 decades, we have deployed hundreds of solutions to a number industries as follows

  • – Project companies
  • – Services led businesses
  • – Multiple verticals, such as Electronics,¬†Plastics, Metals, Construction, Telecoms
  • – Product assembly
  • – Engineering
  • – Import and wholesale companies.


Solution overview

The overall solution consists of the Catalyst365 cloud platform and the Mobility app for Android/IOS devices.

The cloud platform is essentially a Workflow engine that can be configured for virtually any kind of business process flows. Using Smart template technology, the process steps are configured to the workers’ Mobile devices (Android or IOS phones and tablets) as a simple to use app without having to write software code.

External systems, such as various Planning or Configuration tools can be used to import plans and items to the Catalyst365 cloud platform. Equally various Operations and/or Monitoring systems can generate incident reports to the Workflow engine to trigger actions for the workers.


Once the actions have been dispatched to the worker, wherever he is located, and the work completed, the results are transferred back to the Catalyst365 cloud platform for further processing, e.g. for approvals before an invoice can be sent out. Advanced analytics can be used to sort through the data to monitor business process performance metrics and other information collected from the field through the Mobility app.

One of the most deployed sectors for the Catalyst365 solution is Telecoms, where it is suitable for different parts of the value chain, namely Communications Service Providers, Equipment Vendors, Tower Companies and Telecom Services Companies. The solution can easily be adapted to other Project and Industrial services companies, e.g. in Power, Construction etc.

Services company

The Catalyst365 cloud platform is an extremely flexible tool to implement Digital Service Processes. It is very fast to implement a new workflow for a new project or customer.

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