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Mobile network rollout


Mobile network rollout business is a large scale project business combining construction and technology skills. Most projects today are upgrade or retrofit type projects, with selected new site builds when new radio technologies, e.g. 4G or 5G, are rolled out.

In order to master this business, it is crucial to manage the execution of an extremely distributed, multi-site project relying on good master data of already built sites. Succesful contractors are good at logistics of equipment and people, minimising expensive site visits. Management of a large subcontractor network is a must.

Solution highlights

Our Catalyst365 cloud platform has been extensively used for network rollout of over 100 operator networks world wide. The application covers all rollout process phases

  • – Site acquisition
  • – Site surveys
  • – Material management
  • – Installation and commissioning
  • – Site quality checks

Based on the uploaded network and project plans, our Catalyst365 cloud platform manages the field operations tasks to implement new sites or upgrade existing ones. With the associated Mobile app it is possible to provide work instructions to field engineers and follow-up their work progress.

Through geo-tagging capabilities it is possible to ensure that the results of the work are accurately documented from the actual site in near real time. This enables also accurate and timely reports for the approval process through the whole project execution chain.

User benefits

All the participants of the network implementation value chain enjoy different benefits of using an automated field management process:

Prime contractors

 – Manage subcontractors
 – Provide uniform process and reporting practices
 – Standardized completion reporting and acceptances


 – Easy to focus on contracted tasks
 – Avoid extra work
 – Avoid extra visits to site

Field engineers

 – Clear instructions of what to do, where and when
 – Report progress as the work is done
 – No need to write up reports at the end of the day


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