Flow Catalyst is a software solutions company specializing in Mobile Workforce and Asset Management solutions worldwide. Mobility starts to be reality to most companies, including even manufacturing, making the Cloud and Mobile App based approch suitable everywhere. Our solutions help customers accelerate their business flow by speeding up and gaining control of their core operational processes. Our underlying technology solution has evolved over several generations into a fully-fledged ERP solution supporting multiple industries.

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We provide Web-based solutions from the Cloud to streamline processes and optimize resources in many different use cases and industries. The deployed solutions are always individually configured for the customer, and most often we adapt to the customer specific circumstances through various integrations to legacy systems.

Our more Mobile Workforce oriented implementations have provided value to Telecom Field Services in key use cases, such as Rollout, Operations and Managed Services, and Spare Parts Management.

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Origin story

Flow Catalyst was founded in 1990, although the development of our software platform started already in the early 1980’s. Our longest-term customer relationships were formed then, and they still continue to use our solutions to this day. The software has undergone several technological evolutions over time, and has been tried and tested in many industries.

The first deployments were warehousing and manufacturing solutions for the electronics sector. Over the years we have independently developed and adapted our full ERP solution for industries such as metal, plastics, building and construction, various assembly operations, wholesale, and more.

Our ERP platforms have evolved from Windows to Web and now Mobile platforms. The depth of our company’s experience is derived from our extensive experience in various industries, as can be seen in the timeline that shows the company’s development.