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Import and Wholesale


Focused wholesale companies typically import a particular product or set of products for distribution in their market. Their success is primarily driven by sales and supply chain efficiency.

With the help of automated tools, the wholesale company can operate with few resources and manage a large number of transactions and sales volume.

Solution highlights

For sales driven companies we have added a number of sales tools in front of our Catalyst365 platform to enable successful sales operations, e.g.

  • – Integrated web shops with real time stock status
  • – Mobile apps for sales teams to market products and create sales orders
  • – EDI interfaces for long standing volume customers and suppliers
  • – Support for multiple pricing options (product, customer, volume etc).

These functionalities enhance the standard supported Catalyst365  functional modules

  • – Customer and partner databases
  • – Offers and Sales
  • – Product catalogue and pricing
  • – Customer / partner databases
  • – Purchasing
  • – Warehouse and logistics
  • – Comprehensive set of integrations

Analytics software package allows comprehensive analysis of who is buying what product over time. It is possible to see where the customer and product profitability is and simply do more of whatever is making the best margin.


Automated order handing and delivery process support the efficiency of the operation. When all the company data is in a single platform, it is possible to analyse and optimize the core processes for optimal result. With analytics it is possible to easily followup the customer demand by product and understand where the margin is.


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