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Manufacturing is often a capacity game. Within the existing production environment, too much or too little work is often bad. The margins are made, when the utilization is optimal. Naturally flexibility can be achieved by partnering and subcontracting, where possible.

In order to achieve optimal capacity utilization, it is important to have good forecasting of future demand and visibility of existing resource utilization (machines, people, raw materials). Reliable warehouse inventory control is a tool to manage delivery times to customers.

End to end cost tracking is needed to ensure that the entire cost structure of the sold products are captured correctly and the products are priced correctly.

Solution highlights

Catalyst365  is based on 3 decades of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development for the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) sector focusing especially on the production and warehousing core processes.

It has been fitted for a number of industries over the year, e.g.

  • – Electronics
  • – Plastics
  • – Metals
  • – Construction and housing
  • – Product assembly.

Supported functional modules include

  • – Customer and partner databases
  • – Offers and Sales
  • – Product items and pricing
  • – Customer / partner databases
  • – Purchasing
  • – Production
  • – Warehouse and logistics
  • – Comprehensive set of integrations

Easy to use Mobile applications are important enablers of efficiency on the shop floor. Personnel can digitally track the real operations process easily while doing the real work. This provides near real time and accurate picture of progress in production.

Comprehensive Analytics software allows planners and managers to analyse the performance of the manufacturing operation and longer term trends.


Capturing the end to end core processes in a full fledged ERP package allows a manufacturing company to see where the resources are being utilised and what is the profitability of the whole company.

When all the company data is in a single ERP platform, it is possible to analyse and optimize the core processes for optimal result. The goal is to maximize margins by understanding what the margin drivers are.

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