Why us?

Capabilities and track record


Why us? We are selected due to our ability to deliver a project in an agile way almost anywhere on the globe. Our already implemented use cases demonstrate our track record of proven solutions. These form an excellent basis to easily adapt to new customer needs and new use cases.

Our people have on average close to 10 years experience of numerous business process solutions. This translates to good understanding of our customers’ business and operational needs. Our flexible technology platforms give the tools operate in an extremely flexible and fast way to implement solutions in days and weeks rather than months and years.


Technology building blocks


Our Mobility and ERP solutions are typically deployed from the Cloud making the delivery fast and carefree to operate. This allows us to deliver projects world wide easily. Access to key functionalities via mobile devices is essential since today’s mobile workers already have a smart phone in the pocket.



Our unique differentiator is the configurability and adaptability of our technology platforms. Solution delivery is not a software development project, but rather configuring the customer’s process to our workflow engine. The Mobility App is dynamically configured using Smart templates to guide the mobile worker through the process.

In-house development of our core technologies has allowed us to create the flexibility needed to adjust to the needs of multiple industries. We have deployed key functionalities, such as sales, invoicing, warehouse management, purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance services, workforce management, and payroll.

Integrating our applications to legacy platforms is a basic bread and butter activity for us, e.g. towards planning systems, project management systems, CRMs, PDMs, accounting sofware, other ERPs and various IoT devices.

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