Why us?

Operating philosophy

Needs based
Long term

Our operating philosophy is to deeply understand our customers business and operational needs. Solutions to accelerate their business performance needs are designed to fit each customer’s unique situation and goals that they want to achieve. We aim to create long-term partnerships, living in sync with the customer’s life-cycle, and helping them to continuously optimize and improve their process flows. Our longest customer relationships are even older than our company.

We recognize that we succeed only if we can help our customers succeed. We are fundamentally a catalyst to our customers business performance, by providing right-sized solutions and personal service, backed up by our decades long domain expertise. This expertise covers understanding of several industries, and the customer’s operational processes, as well as the enabling technologies.


Solution cornerstones


In-house development of our core technologies has allowed us to operate in multitude of projects world-wide. We can handle all key functionalities, including sales, invoicing, warehouse management, purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance services, workforce management, and payroll. We have been working with from Small and Medium size Enterprises all the way to very large Multi-national Enterprises.

The solution is typically deployed from the Cloud making the delivery fast and carefree to operate. For today’s mobile workforce, access to key functionalities via mobile devices is essential. Our unique differentiator is the configurability and adaptability of our technology platform. Most of our customers are running their particular industry adaptation on the same software binary, just configured to their needs and processes.

Most customers are already utilising some kind of software which the ERP needs to integrate to, such as CRMs, PDMs, or Accounting software. Similarly, some operations may have been outsourced, for example Accounting, Warehousing, or even Sales. These partners have their own systems, which need to share information with our customer’s ERP solution. We have extensive experience of integration to third party systems, and support multiple interfaces.

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